Yashar Razavi

Photo: Yashar

Me and my Work: I’m looking at how immune cells (white blood cells) in your eye work in protecting against inflammation and infections from nasty bugs

Status: Vote Yashar :D

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Melina Ellis

Photo: Mel

Me and my Work: I make video recordings of wiggling pieces of gut and analyse them to find out how our digestive system is controlled by its own nervous system ‘the mini-brain’

Status: *eviction anxiety* Really love chatting with everyone- please keep me on! :)

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Hannah Brown

Photo: Hannah

Me and my Work: I use a mouse model to try and work out the reasons that some women have more trouble trying to get pregnant than others. The reason we use mice is because they are cheap and have lots and lots of babies really quickly!! :)

Status: One day to go!! Last chance to vote for me!!! It's been a blast!!

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Emma Burrows

Photo: Emma

Me and my Work: I am a neuroscientist who studies mouse behaviour and brains to understand schizophrenia and autism.

Status: Oh boo. Sad to miss out on the last chats + questions. Thanks for all the votes so far. Its been fun!

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Carina Marshall

Photo: Carina

Me and my Work: Right now, I’m looking at a big study of kids for clues about vitamin D and how it relates to their health.

Status: Awwww!!! Off I go!!! Good luck, all!

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