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Question: Can people still move and run around after being decapitated, like the famed "headless chickens"?

Asked by pommypomtom to Carina, Emma, Hannah, Mel, Yashar on 30 Aug 2012. This question was also asked by octagonapus.

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  • Photo: Carina MarshallCarina Marshall answered on 30 Aug 2012:

    No…but muscles can twitch for a while.


  • Photo: Yashar RazaviYashar Razavi answered on 31 Aug 2012:

    Our brain controls everything. Without it we stop!
    Nerves can however still fire and cause muscles to twitch for a small amount of time.


  • Photo: Hannah BrownHannah Brown answered on 1 Sep 2012:

    These guys are right, we won’t be able to run around, but there would be some muscle movements for a while!


  • Photo: Melina EllisMelina Ellis answered on 3 Sep 2012:

    Nice responses folks!



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